Saturday, December 29, 2018

Who or What is Truckee Games?

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 So I suppose a tell-all expose is not appropriate, but I get enough "who are you?" emails to warrant a brief introduction, especially because of Chumahassee County and We The People. I live my life free from fear that I might offend someone so if you get triggered or offended or need a safe space from reading anything I have written, I can happily say I don't care. Move along to some place else.

The name is Brent, and I am the proprietor of Truckee Games. I am almost 50, married, with two adult children. I've been gaming since 10-something. I'm a small government, personal freedom, libertarian (small l, not capital L) kind of guy.

I started Truckee Games not as an attempt at a real game company, but rather just a name to assign to all the various settings rambling around the ol' skull. I am an amateur, no doubt, but I did do some work on the original Savage Worlds (there is a whole section in the rule book that I wrote that has survived various editions) and helped edit various PEGinc products at that time; I named the Cremefillians from Andy Hopp's Low Life, and gave Necessary Evil it's name too. So there is that.

Somewhere along the way, 'cause of a busy life, I moved on to minimalist RPGs, primarily Risus. I don't think it is too much of a name drop to say S. John Ross is a chatty pal (though he has yet to drop his drawers for me) and has in a matter of fashion, mentored me in game design and such.

There isn't much more to say on the subject.

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