Monday, December 31, 2018

The GOBlins

 The GOB in GOBlins stands for Gamers Of Benicia. Benicia (California) being where the current gaming crew was founded, but who have since wandered far and wide... to nearby cities, and some so far afield they are no longer able to join the gaming table.

I want to honor them here for they are my good natured guinea pigs which I inflicted my various game worlds on, and they take the punishment with cheer and a smile. They heavily influence the nature of my gaming work and have a great deal of input on the final settings design, not only in commentary but in life experiences: We are a group of people who are variously single, married, divorced, with children, without children, straight, gay, polyamorous, Christian, Wiccan, liberal, conservative, etc.

Above and beyond that, they are my dear, and close, friends.

So, without further ado... the honor roll...

Colin A.
Adam B.
Joshua M.
Kenneth M.
Rachel S.
Rebecca S.
Alden W.

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